It’s an honor to be nominated, so…

Thanks to KellyDS at Nowhere in Particular RA who has put me forward for a Liebster blogging award.  Ever pressed for time and looking for a short cut, I hit Google to find a handy cut and paste description and found instead at least five permutations of the award background and rules instead.  Hence my hasty parapharase….The Liebster Award is intended to foster awareness of a more blogs and encourages participants and readers to visit some that they may not have before.

There are also a variety of versions of the rules, but here they are as they exist within the version of the award for which I was nominated:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link their blog into your post.
  2. Answer 11 questions which you have been asked by the nominating blogger.
  3. Nominate 5 to 11 other bloggers who have less than 1.000 followers.
  4. Add a new list of 11 questions for the nominated bloggers.
  5. Paste these rules into your post.
  6. Make sure your nominees know about your post and their nomination.

My Responses to KellyDS’s questions:

1.) Is there a song that you like different versions, i.e. covers of?  which is your favorite?

I have a weakness for Leonard Cohens Hallelujah.  I like Bon Jovi’s cover a lot, but I think I’ll have to go with Jeff Buckley’s as my favorite.

2.) What is something you’re afraid of that you’d like to force yourself to face?

This will sound really stupid, but I have a sometimes paralyzing fear of birds.  I would like to be able to walk, without ducking and cringing, through and aviary with my kids.

3.)  What is your favorite footware of Richard’s?

Oh dear oh dear…so many to choose from.  I don’t know if he took them home, but I’m going with these:

From Glamour UK Shoot - emerged about this time last year

From Glamour UK Shoot – emerged about this time last year

4.) What is your favorite photography subject to view? (flowers, buildings, etc. not RA 😀 )

I love architectural photography…especially derelict buildings in black and white.

Eastern State Penitentiary - Philadelphia Source

Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia

5.) What is a habit of yours that you’d like to break?

Tearing my nails and cuticles when I’m bored or anxious…(apparently, that’s a pretty common habit 😉  )

6.) Have you ever had a dream about Richard Armitage? share a short summary

I had the sweetest dream featuring Richard Armitage.  I can’t remember all of the details, but in the part I recall vividly, Richard was wearing a big, floppy blue hat and pushing Zoe (the Muppet) on a merry go round in a park.  Both of them were smiling and laughing.  I actually posted about it a while ago….

7.) What was the first professional play/musical that you saw and how did it affect you?

My first thought that it was when I was in college, but then I remembered the summer that my aunt and uncle came and took my cousin and me to the American Players Theater in Spring Green.

Everything about this picture screams 1973...from my white go-go boots to my baby sister! (not to mention my dad 's RED slacks!)

Everything about this picture screams 1973…from my white go-go boots to my baby sister! (not to mention my dad‘s RED slacks!)

Being that I was not quite five at the time (photo above is about the right vintage), I remember that it was something Shakespearean and loving the beautiful, sumptuous costumes.  Sadly, unlike my cousin, who is an accomplished Shakespearean actor/director and drama teacher, the experience didn’t inspire me to a lifelong passion for The Bard.

8.) What has been your least favorite pet that you’ve owned and why?

A hairless albino rat named Abner.  Why?  A.   Hairless.   Albino.   RAT. 

9.) If you could insert yourself into a RA film as an original character, which would it be and how would you effect the outcome of the story?

This is a tough one…here goes:   I suppose it hasn’t gone unnoticed to anyone who has read my Porter AU fan fic that the main female character Lindsey has certain things in common with me…to that end, Porter remains an action hero but 1. doesn’t die a horrible death and 2.  finds a life with some balance between danger and domesticity.

10.) What is your favorite movie about classical mythology?

I have a love hate relationship with this genre…so much good material, such a consistent failture to execute 🙂  So, the film I love to hate the most….a festival of pure campy conflation:  The Clash of the Titans (1981)

11.) share a random Richard Armitage related confession

I would love to see how Richard Armitage occupies himself on a long haul flight…does he exchange pleasantries if there’s a stranger in the next seat?  Does he settle in and sleep the whole flight?  Read (digital or old school)?  Fidget?  etc….

Whew…this is taking longer than I expected (good thing I’m not on the clock!)  Given that I only occasionally dabble in the blogosphere outside of Armitageworld, the bloggers below are all in some way connected to it…and the nominees are;

RAndom Thoughts

ramblings of an autistic wordmith

Opera is Magic

The Armitage Effect

Now for the questions…here’s what came to mind:

1.  As an homage to my home state:  What is your favorite dairy product (or non dairy version for the lactose intolerant/vegan)

2.  Richard Armitage:  Beard, Stubble, Freshly Shaven???

3.  For the writers and readers…how do you take your fan fiction?  Sweet and fluffy, hot and spicy or all points in between?

4.  If you could live anywhere in the world (supporting yourself being a given) where would you choose?  Why?

5.  What is your favorite artistic genre (medium?)…Favorite piece therein?

6.  What film remake would you really love to see Richard Armitage star in?

7.  What’s your favorite way to spend an unexpected free day?

8.  Richard Armitage recently tweeted that eating (cheesy potato dish I can’t remember the name of at the moment) will change your life.  What is your life changing food?

9.  Beer, wine or “I never touch the stuff” ?

10.  What is your guiltiest guilty pleasure (outside of fandom…I’m not sure I want to classify that as a *guilty* pleasure 🙂  )

11.  What musical instruments do you play?  (Kazoo *is* an instrument!)

So there is your mission – if you choose to accept it – with absolutely no hard feelings if you’re just not that into it 🙂

12 comments on “It’s an honor to be nominated, so…

  1. So glad you were nominated, as I think your blog is just fab. And thanks for the tag in turn. 🙂

  2. KellyDS says:

    Hallelujah, Clash of the Titans; you’re stealing all of my answers! just goes to show how many of us have similar tastes *besides* RA 😉

  3. boudicca61 says:

    Congratulations on your nom! You more than deserve it.

  4. Servetus says:

    Du bist tatsächlich die Liebste 🙂

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  6. Hariclea says:

    I’m really getting into this 🙂 thanks for the nomination and taking part, really fun to read the answers and i’ve detected one musical thing we have in common, Bon Jovi!
    and cheese of course 😉 I’ll get down to this over the next few days and refer back for some to the musical reveal i did for Suzy just today 😉 That already aired a lot of my ‘dirty little secrets’ LOL

  7. […] am very flattered to have been nominated for a Liebster Award this year by the wonderful obscura at Ancient Armitage.  Thanks, obscura!  […]

  8. […] Oscura for the fun questions and here go my […]

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