This bud’s for you…


This bouquet is for the wonderful Gratiana Lovelace and my elf on the street, M., who have so graciously taken over the implementation of the Chicago TBOTFA Fan Event since my schleprock life has made it impossible for me to attend.  Clicking on Grati’s name above will take you to the most up-to-date info on the event.


3 comments on “This bud’s for you…

  1. You are too sweet, Obscura!

    I was just trying to find a Twitter handle for you to thank you for your planning and organization of our THBOFA Chicago event!

    THANK YOU! We had a great time and missed you terribly.

    But I hope that there will be a future RA Fan gathering in Chicago that you will be able to join us for. Urban and the Shed Crew? Sleepwalker? Other?

    Hugs & Holiday Cheers! Much Love! Grati ;->

    • obscura says:


      Ah, A fruitless Twitter search…I’ve maintained my “no Twitter” rule in spite of considerable recent temptation to join up!

      I’m so glad you all had a good time! Things around here will eventually ease up to the point that I WILL be able to get to Chi-town for a showing and especially to meet everyone!

      Most of the credit should go to Melinda…I just did promotions..she did all of the legwork!

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