Limerick: Richard’s Socks

More sock love…did someone get the Funky Multi-Pack as an early Christmas gift?


socks1Seeing as how we watch Richard like hawks…
It would be hard not to notice he’s been wearing wild socks!
The past several days
He’s been drawing my gaze
Down to the socks that he rocks!

RA’s fashion choices have long interested me…
This is not the first little flourish to see.
These socks are quirky
But also quite perky
And I look forward to more wardrobe oddities.

I’ve lost track of the order of the wild socks I’ve seen:
Purple, magenta – they’re sure not routine!
Some were unique
But today’s made me freak
I guess argyle’s just not my scene. =)

I’ve seen him in shoes with no socks at all…
But when he does wear them, they’re off the wall!
Maybe argyle
Is back in style
Were the other passengers amused or appalled?

I guess that Armitage thinks socks are great:
He said socks for Christmas are nothing to hate!
I hope he’s prepared

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