UPDATE REVISTED: TBOTFA Chicago Fan Event…Proposed Activities


Hello again Windy City Contingent!!  As we get closer and closer to the event, my Elf on the ground and I (pointy hats off to Elf – she’s doing all the real work – I’m just doin’ the promo!) are looking to firm things up a bit.  In order to do so, we need some feedback from people who are firmly planning to attend the event on Saturday December 20th.  The film time is 1:30pm (you’ll find a link to tickets HERE) so there is time for activities both before and after viewing the film.  Here is a text of an email detailing some of the possible venues.

I thought I would send a few possibilities and ideas for the activities of the BOFA viewing event, so we can start thinking about them.  
I have made a point of looking at restaurants that are within reasonable walking distance of the theater.  Besides MacGuffins and the Asian fusion restaurant (Niu) that are right next to the theater, there are several others a block or two away.  Volare, an authentic Italian restaurant (i.e., not part of a large chain), is about a block away to the west on the lower level (i.e., without any stairs to climb).  I had lunch there a week or so ago, and found the food very good.  The site is http://volarerestaurant.com/chicago/  About two blocks north of the theater, on Ohio Street, are two restaurants next to each other, Bombay Grill and Emilio’s Tapas, and further to the west along that Ohio Street block is Sayat Nova, an Armenian restaurant (i.e., Mediterranean food) that my husband and I have visited for years and really like.  Here is its link:  http://www.sayatnovachicago.com/
Of course, we may not be choosing places to eat by how near they are.  If we want to choose landmark places, there are at least two that come to mind as favorites.  The first is the Walnut Room at Macy’s (formerly Marshall Fields).  Our ITS group in August wanted to go there, but could not get a reservation because someone had rented the whole venue.  On the Saturday before Christmas, we would of course have to plan our visit–either make reservations (I’d have to see if they take them), or hang around in the store with flashers until our number comes up (I’ve done that too).  The other possibility I think of is the Signature Room at the Hancock Building, http://www.signatureroom.com/.  I am familiar with it, having organized banquets that took place there.  It has fantastic views, like the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower.  There is a buffet lunch for $20.  Of course, there are other landmark venues (e.g., Palmer House, Navy Pier) or restaurants (Maggiano’s, Lawry’s, Pizzeria Uno, Heaven on Seven, etc.) that are not too far away.  I can check out anything that we are interested in.  
For other activities, I think we would want indoor ones, although Grant Park has activities like ice skating that we could at least watch.  The Art Institute has a wonderful exhibit on Byzantine art, and some other things.

What I need from you all is

(1) notification that you will attend

(2) an idea of your preferences for restaurants and other activities (there are a lot of variety to choose from, and we will make every effort to accommodate, but are generally working on the *majority rules* system.)

You can comment here with your answers to (1) and (2), or send me an email at:  ancientarmitage@gmail.com.

Thanks for your help!!

2 comments on “UPDATE REVISTED: TBOTFA Chicago Fan Event…Proposed Activities

  1. Servetus says:

    I can’t come, but two possible add’l restaurant tips — Russian Tea Time and the Berghoff on E Adams

  2. Hi Obscura and Partner Planner,
    I plan to attend the Chicago BOFA gathering. My train and movie tickets are bought. I’m excited to join you!

    And as long as I can taxi to the restaurant–if you all are walking it–I’m good. With my arthritis, walking or standing around much is super painful. And the long trek almost to the end of Navy Pier for our restaurant for our ITS August gathering was grueling and painful for me. I was literally on crutches for 3 weeks afterward because my ankle was so stressed. Great time was had by all and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. But I joked to my hubby that either I bring a rented hover around chair next time, or I taxi everywhere. Ha!

    As to restaurant food choice, as long as I have a bland food option on the menu, I’m good if the rest of you want to go spicy. Our plan to eat at the Walnut Room for the ITS gathering last August collapsed because they booked a wedding just the week before. That could happen again at any really nice venue–including the Walnut Room. So choosing a restaurant that won’t make themselves unavailable at the last minute, might be best. I think Judiang and I ate at the Volare when I saw THAUJ with her when it came out. The Volare was very nice and you could share meals–for just a small extra plate cost.

    I am so looking forward to BOFA in Chicago and meeting and seeing my fellow RA Fan Girls. Love, Hugs, & Cheers! Grati ;->

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