et alia: WTH Wisconsin!!

“Wisconsin…if you don’t like the weather, wait ten minutes.”  I’ve heard that often enough, but the past week or so has proven it true…

THURSDAY evening around 11pm:


Yesterday..SUNDAY, it was 50°F



Seriously?  WTH!?  I’m left with one obvious conclusion:


Demeter…aka “Mother Nature” really needs to do something about these wicked mood swings!

7 comments on “et alia: WTH Wisconsin!!

  1. Perry says:

    She may “need some” from Poseidon.

  2. In western NYS it’s almost 70 degrees today! I’m about 50 miles east of where they got massive amounts of snow a few days ago (eight feet and more.) Wacky is right! 🙂

  3. guylty says:

    Sounds like Ireland. Except we have those changes all in one day. Ok, and it doesn’t snow. Hardly ever.

  4. Servetus says:

    we’re headed for a weird phase, too, as I’m told. All day people have been walking into the building and announcing, it’s not raining YET.

  5. katie70 says:

    Wisconsin we really do yet all four seasons and sometimes in one day. Wacky no not really, other than I am wacky to live here, still hate snow and cold. On Friday we had -14 in the morning and +30’s by afternoon. Raining yesterday and snow today, back to the deep freeze again, oh what does winter have in store for us. We had our first snow day for school on November 11th.

  6. We’re looking at 81 on Thanksgiving, quite suddenly, just after it had finally started to look like we were cooling down for the rest of the year. Wth?

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