UPDATE: The Battle of the Five Armies Fan Event – Chicago Edition

Back in October I polled the Chicago area fan population about a favored day to assemble as a group for the opening weekend of the final Hobbit installment:  The Battle of the Five Armies.  Of the dates given, Saturday December 20th was the favorite by a narrow margin.  After several conversations, my elf on the ground in Chicago and I have set the date as Saturday December 20th for a 1:30 pm screening at the AMC River East 21 Theater.

Click HERE for tickets

Click HERE for tickets

We’ll be in touch soon with a more complete itinerary for the day’s events, but we wanted to get the date and time set so everyone who is planning to attend could get their tickets.   If you are planning to attend, could you let me know in comments or via email at ancientarmitage@gmail.com – we need to get a firmer number to make restaurant reservations.

Happy clicking Chicago contingent!



Click here for tickets

4 comments on “UPDATE: The Battle of the Five Armies Fan Event – Chicago Edition

  1. Nov. 20, 2014–I plan to attend–with bells on. Ha! I’m looking forward to it!

    I have reblogged this at SAL.

    • I have bought my BOFA ticket online and also my train ticket. Woo hoo! Looking forward to meeting up with other RA Fans to see this final film!

      Since my train will arrive around 10am, I’ll have some time to meet for lunch. Is anything planned for a general meetup for lunch for those who are coming in to town earlier? Also, I had to choose the 7pm same day return train, since the earlier train was too close to when the movie lets out. So if anyone is up for dinner after the movie, I’m game.

      I’ll keep checking Obscura’s website here for further developments. Thanks again to here and her helper for organizing this!

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