OT: The other “apple of my eye”

Autumn has arrived in Northeast Wisconsin and with it comes an incredible bounty of fresh picked produce.  We may not be convenient to the theater (as all of my mooing about missing The Crucible attests!) but we have and inside track on a cornucopia of farm to table fruits and vegetables.

This mountain of rooty splendor at a local farmer’s market was like a piece of art

I’ve been hard pressed to keep up with the array of stuff that has passed through my kitchen.  I’ve made several dozen jars of pickles, gallons of tomato juice and tomato sauce, and I still have 1/2 a head of cabbage that is bigger than my head to deal with – I’m thinking a casserole along the lines of deconstructed cabbage rolls…all of the flavor, none of the blanching and rolling!

By far my favorite sign of the season though, is this thing of beauty:

Just look at it!  It's just begging to be bitten into...

Just look at it! It’s just begging to be bitten into…

I love caramel apples!  The sticky, buttery sweetness of the caramel is the perfect companion for tart crispness of the apple inside.  Yum.  Despite their super deliciousness, caramel apples are something of a menace.

1.  It is impossible to retain any amount of adult dignity when you are tearing into a goop wrapped apple on a stick

2.  It is virtually inevitable that you will come up for air with caramel on your nose and juice dripping off of your chin.

In the past I have abandoned my maturity (let’s face it, it wasn’t that hard for me really 😉  )  and tucked into that skewered, sticky splendor but somebody recently clued me in to this:

Wait, what?!

Wait, what?!

It’s ah…OMG!!  It’s a caramel apple but outside in?  Inside out?  All that yummy goodness tucked neatly inside the apple?!  What genius!  Suffice it to say that there are ten pounds of fresh picked Cortland and Snow Sweet apples in my car just waiting to be hollowed out!  (I’m planning to experiment with different concoctions of caramel to see which works best.

Remember Armitageworld…

“An apple filled with caramel of course a day….”


31 comments on “OT: The other “apple of my eye”

  1. guylty says:

    Kohlrabi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spot Kohlrabi!!!!!!!!!! My Kohlrabi-less existence is rocked once more… I miss it so much…
    And yum – anything to do with apples does for me, too. How do you make those caramel apples, btw?
    (Can’t get Bell x1’s “Eve, the apple of my eye” out of my head now” http://youtu.be/eQCK7cI03B8?list=AL94UKMTqg-9CZoWL5MF1FdTippweO6F4E)

  2. I want the recipe for the deconstructed cabbage rolls!

    Also, caramel and apples are two of my favorite things! Do tell how one can make it so cleverly 🙂

  3. Servetus says:

    I bow to your superior tomato juice artistry. That said: melonballing apples? Strikes me as tedious …

  4. katie70 says:

    I love that there is so much good food to eat this time of year and it is fresh. I hope your deconstructed cabbage rolls work, cabbage rolls not big hit at my house. My cabbage hater does like Cabbage and Great Nut Pie a middle ages dish. I still have tomatoes, eggplant, radishes, cabbage, zuchini beets, swiss chard, carrots (the 10 that grew) and potatoes left in the garden. Squash have been picked and apples still on the tree plus some herbs. There is to be another frost this weekend with maybe snow, so we will have to get the rest of the veg out of the garden.

    • obscura says:

      I’ll probably end up farming quite a bit of the casserole out to my parents…picky eaters say “no way”

      We haven’t had frost yet, but I’ve covered my remaining tomatoes a few nights just in case.

  5. I don’t even know what some of the things in that top photo are. O.o (But those apples look amazing.)

    • obscura says:

      Is it the beets on one side of the carrots or the kohlrabi on the other that are mysterious? 🙂

      Caramel apples are definitely calling my name!

      • Those are beets? I’ve only ever seen them canned. And I’ve never even *heard* of kohlrabi. And… those purple things on the end? Some kind of onion? (Listen, I live in a desert. Produce out here is scarce, expensive, and unvaried.)

        • obscura says:

          But you have prickly pear :). Yeah, those are onions on the near end. It’s been pretty dry this summer which I guess explains their oddly tubular shape. Kohlrabi is a root veggie…very popular in Germany I gather from Guylty 😉

          • We do have prickly pear. And pecans and dates, and I think it’s also possible to grow pomegranate out here. And we have all manner of citrus. Nothing quite like peeling and eating an orange you’ve just pulled off the tree. So juicy.

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