SpReAd the Love Challenge Four – Convoy of Hope

Keeping with the terms of SpReAd the Love Challenge Four, I’ve got one more fantastic aide organization to tell you about before time’s up.


and what better day to share it?!

Convoy of Hope is a humanitarian relief agency based in Springfield, Missouri.  They are involved both in the US and abroad in a variety of different types of humanitarian aid.  I first came into contact with them at one of their Community Events that was held locally a few years back.  Some friends of mine who are hairdressers were among hundreds of people who volunteered their services for the day to provide a “poverty free” day for local families in need.  The event was held at a local community college and was attended by thousands.

When I began researching a bit for this SpRead the Love challenge, specifically, where to donate the bottle water collected at MiniMe’s birthday party, I ran into Convoy of Hope again…I was saddened to find that the local event has not been held for the past two years for lack of a church to serve as an organizing agency…I’ve been planting a few seeds with some friends to see what we can do about getting an event set up for next summer.  With an eye toward convincing people to help undertake sponsoring this event, I began to do some research on Convoy of Hope, and it turns out that community outreach is really only the tip of the iceberg of what they do.

Convoy of Hope responds in Moore, Oklahoma 2013 Source

Convoy of Hope responds in Moore, Oklahoma 2013

Another major component of the relief provided by Convoy of Hope is their response to disasters.  Since 1998 their Disaster Services have provided food, water and emergency supplies to people all over the world, including the victims of the devastating tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri (2011) and Moore, Oklahoma (2013).  This past April,  they again sent trucks of relief supplies to tornado ravaged areas in  Arkansas and Kansas.  What has struck me is the emphasis that Convoy of Hope and many other agencies of this type,  put on the cooperation and assistance of local volunteers.  It really is a team effort to get the aid to people who desperately need it.

I don’t know that anyone can ever fully understand the importance that agencies like Convoy of Hope play in responding to people in crisis.  I truly hope no one reading this is ever in need of the services provided by a disaster relief agency, but that regardless, we each do what we can, whether through monetary donation or volunteer services to help them help others.


3 comments on “SpReAd the Love Challenge Four – Convoy of Hope

  1. jazzbaby1 says:

    Thanks for this!

  2. Perry says:

    You’re welcome. Had trouble re-blogging, so I couldn’t say “Obscura promotes another disaster relief organization in furtherance of the latest Spread the Love Challenge.”

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