Letterbombing with Love

Jane (via Guylty) SpReAding the Love!

Guylty Pleasure

It seems already such a long time ago that I was still in Germany and received this short and no frills e-mail:

I picked up two sets of posters from the old vic on my visit and id like to pass them on to fellow fans ,postage paid as a kindness , BUT I don’t know how to go about getting names and address of 6 fans …any ideas ?

Let me interpret this for you: An e-mail by a fan. She has seen the Crucible in London. She has bought some posters. With the intention of giving them away, as presents, to those who cannot go. With no strings attached and all postage paid. The tears were sitting pretty loosely in those days, anyway, but when I got that e-mail, they were tears of genuine affection, an altogether different chemical concoction than those of grief.

It seemed the easiest…

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