Have you recovered from that teaser yet? Into the Storm spReAd the love challenge

I can’t say much more….stay tuned for relief related posts here and do let me know if you have story to tell – I’d love to host you!

Me + Richard Armitage


Gary (Richard Armitage) hangs onto a vehicle for support as a tornado attacks Silverton in Into the Storm. Image from Warner Bros.


Loved the Battle of the Five Armies trailer? How about doing or reporting a kindness? The last challenge — “roses for Richard Armitage” in the form of kindnesses — yielded several bouquets, as you’ll learn from Jazzy’s post with the next challenge.

I really love this new challenge because it touches close to home. As fun as it can be to watch CGI tornadoes on film, a tornado is no joke. In interviews about the deathly frightening qualities of the experience, Steven Quale has remarked about moments from his youth in Madison, Wisconsin, and I’m guessing that he remembers (as do I) the Barneveld Tornado of 1984.

I’m going to enjoy this film, I think — but I’m also going to have last summer…

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One comment on “Have you recovered from that teaser yet? Into the Storm spReAd the love challenge

  1. katie70 says:

    I also remember the Barneveld tornado in 1984, the closest to us was the Siren tornado. I do remember that July 4th 1977 we has straight winds where we lived at the time ( about 20 miles from us now). We where at my grandparents for the 4th, knew the weather was bad but not till we had to chop are way home to see how bad it really was. Had we been home the truck would have been smashed up and lucky the tree fell down the other way of our house or it would have been gone too, just missed our dog.

    I want to see the movie but I know I will be somewhat scared.

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