Memorial Donation to ChildLine

Thanks to all who donated in memory of Guylty’s father.  After a bit of wrangling around of funds to get it done (note: Just Giving no longer accepts PayPal as a payment form), I posted the donation to ChildLine through Richard Armitage’s Just Giving page.


This donation, combined with the funds donated directly to the local charity chosen by Guylty’s family, details here,  and the amounts donated directly to Just Giving on Guylty’s behalf, brings the total donated to right around $500.  We all know that sentiment is not measured in coin, but once again, the tangible proof of the generosity of this community, this time in support of one our own, warms my heart.




8 comments on “Memorial Donation to ChildLine

  1. Servetus says:

    Yay, Armitage fan friends!

  2. […] passing. I am overwhelmed and can hardly believe the number I saw today on Obscura’s post on AncientArmitage. I have seen all the donations on JustGiving (including a number of independent […]

  3. Kathy Jones says:

    Thanks, Obscura, for all the work you did organizing this tribute.

  4. KatharineD says:

    Many thanks for organising this, Obscura. Good job!

  5. guylty says:

    The “gem” has been inordinately lame and late in acknowledging all the posts and messages sent in the last while. I am slowly working myself through it and I finally get to comment here, too. I’d like to say again that me and my mother were absolutely blown away by the amount of money that was raised through this initiative. Thank you to all who thought of us and contributed. It is absolutely amazing that you would do that for someone you have not met in person! I am so glad this money is going to a charity that provides a service for young, innocent people who need help – and who may not have as many good friends as I have. Thank you all, and thank you to Obscura and CDoart for organising this, and many others for spreading the call on their blogs!

    • obscura says:

      There is no expiration date on thanks my dear friend, especially in this particular situation. Every single person I spoke to about your determination to thank everyone involved said essentially the same thing, “I do this joyfully out of love for Guylty, and I want nothing but for her to find some solace in the gesture.” So you’re right on time :D. xoxoxo

    • Servetus says:

      What Obscura said. Hugs.

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