OT: An Inadvertent Tour de Force of Puerile, Euphemistic Double Entendre

I have a dirty little secret…well, actually, it’s maybe not such a secret:  I am frequently prone to a sense of humor that would do a 14 year old boy proud.  If this is not up your street, you may want to opt out now.

I was at my best pal’s house this weekend (we were channeling our inner 22 year old and going to a reunion show played by our favorite college bar band) and in the process of taking a photo of her knick knacks for a different post, we came across this**:


It seems innocent enough, but reading the can in the context of a common euphemistic meaning of the word *beaver* had us laughing so hard we cried…


Is it any wonder I’m not bothered in the least when Richard Armitage jokes about his “weapon” or lighting farts? (I blame it all on working in that industrial hose shop in college!).  I will resume my position as a grown up now. *cough*

**Actual Contents : one six inch stuffed beaver child’s toy

30 comments on “OT: An Inadvertent Tour de Force of Puerile, Euphemistic Double Entendre

  1. Servetus says:

    whew. I was hoping no one was going to eat beaver. I’m sensitive that way.

  2. phylly3 says:

    I am assuming your friend acquired this in a gift shop in Canada. These type of things are all over the place here. (The real things too). We love our beaver jokes. 🙂

    • obscura says:

      A friend of hers bought it for her at a yard sale, so it may well have been a souvenir beaver from north of the border…imported, very exotic 🙂

  3. jazzbaby1 says:

    OMG, your inner-14-year-old is cracking up my inner-12-year-old!

  4. katie70 says:

    Forget the inner 14 year old, I can see Mr. 70, his brothers and cousins getting a kick out of this. In fact I have seen this and others for sale in a mail order catalog in years past.

  5. Oh my goodness.


  6. guylty says:

    OMG, are you sure this was not sold in an adult joke shop? I mean, after comparing it with the wikipedia entry for “Beaver”, I must say it looks supiciously ambivalent :-D. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beaver
    But ROFL – the desciption was just so fitting, I was in fits of laughter *ggg*. I am very glad that they finished on such a noble note, calling for respect and care for the beaver.

    • obscura says:

      The maintenance and care of the beaver is an important initiative…even outside of North America. 🙂

      No ma’am…bonafide toy – there’s also Canned Raccoon and Canned Moose (do *not* look up Canned Rabbit! That’s just gross!!). I particularly like the bit about tail slapping…

  7. judiang says:

    LOL! That is priceless!

  8. Joanna says:

    I believe, beaver is out of fashion? 😉

  9. Perry says:

    Loved this. When I landed my first important legal job, I met with my client and his staff of about 30 to be introduced. I know he meant to say something else – but he introduced me, ” and now I’d like you to give a big welcome to Perry, my new legal beaver.”

  10. […] me back down the path to crafting.  Of late, I like to wear scarves.  My bestie (she of “canned beaver” fame) turned me on to them.  The problem at hand was that I don’t like them to choke […]

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