What a Wonderful World…Spread the Love Update

What a great week of reports coming in from The Crucible previews in London…people are enjoying the play tremendously and those who have met Richard Armitage at the stage door have mentioned many times how happy and sweet he’s been.  There’s another word to describe him…. it just slipped my mind…wait, it will come to me…um frightening?  No, that’s not it.   Oh, I remember now – KIND.  We all have our frightening moments, but Richard Armitage has shown over and over again that he has a tremendous capacity for kindness despite being absolutely terrifying!   And so do you all!   You make it a wonderful world…cue gratuitous Louis Armstrong…

The SpReAd the Love campaign celebrates the kindness each and every one of us does in both in our local communities and just in general.  So far this year we’ve collected reports of 344 kindnesses ranging from monetary gifts and in kind donations of food, clothing, furniture, toiletries, etc., to simple kindnesses like holding a door or helping out a friend.  Our last campaign was specifically directed at extending kindness to children in crisis in honor of Richard Armitage’s role as Chop in the forthcoming film Urban and the Shed Crew during which we collected 144 kindness reports which were matched by a dollar for kindness donations to one of Richard Armitage’s Just Giving Charities

stl just giving 3

It doesn’t end there…the same anonymous donor has agreed to underwrite a new speed round of kindness collection.  July 9th is the opening night for regular performances of The Crucible at the Old Vic Theater in London.  I’m shamelessly pasting in Jazzbaby’s fantastic description…you can find it here

kindness challenge 3

So there you have it.  Thirteen days before July 9th…that’s less than four kindnesses per day throughout all of ArmitageWorld – easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy!!  Here, I’ll get us started by giving a shout out to the gentleman with the lovely smile who held open the door for me at the gas station this morning…my day’s a little brighter because of his kindness.  So 47 left anddddd…..GO!

12 comments on “What a Wonderful World…Spread the Love Update

  1. Servetus says:

    He’s gotta be tired but he manages to look like he’s enjoying himself in every single photo. The kind of crush who definitely makes me want to give back.

    • obscura says:

      Absolutely…putting himself out there, not only literally, but with a smile and a kind word for everyone waiting. Showing up is perhaps part of the job, but his being just plain lovely certainly inspires me to go the extra distance!

  2. Barsine says:

    There’s a saying in Spanish which goes:”de bien nacido es ser agradecido” (well-breed people are grateful). Needless to say that Richard is both; he has had to work hard for so many years to do what he always wanted, the leading role in an important theatre play in London, and tired as he can be his sweetness and kindness to the people going to meet him in the artists’ door is his way to thank them for helping them fulfilling his dream.
    As far as the SpReAd love initiative… No big deal for such an army of well-wishers!

  3. Barsine says:

    Richard is grateful for helping him… I’m replying with the phone, sorry

    • obscura says:

      I think my brain has adjusted to phypos (phone typos) because I didn’t even notice 🙂

      And you were so right…it *was* no big deal!! Kudos to Richard Armitage for attracting a group of fans who are also pretty special.

  4. Marie Astra says:

    I am in awe of Richard Armitage every day when I read accounts of him at the Stage Door. I have never, ever heard of a star of his caliber doing something like this. In my limited experience at stage doors, I have never seen more than a willingness on the part of the stars to scribble on some programs and leave. A few will take photos, but only with those who can catch their attention. Richard Armitage ROCKS!!

    • obscura says:

      He really is very special…for someone so frightening! 😉

      • Marie Astra says:

        What the heck is that about? Frightening? Well, as someone who was told that I am frightening sometimes because I can get quite intense at work, and I have had to become conscious of bringing the intensity down, I kind of know what he means…. I’m quite a sweetie too, in reality! 😀 😀 😀

        • obscura says:

          I suppose if one were to meet him when he’s “channeling” a character like John Proctor, not knowing of him otherwise, a man of his size could make people a little uneasy…you’d not know it from his stage door demeanor though 🙂

          • Marie Astra says:

            Absolutely!! Yikes. He looks so incredibly kind and loving to each person. And bends down and leans his head against the person at the door. I mean, really??

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