What Becomes A Legend Most

Linnet and Obscura crossover 🙂

Linnet Moss

For those of you who enjoyed What the Well-Dressed Roman General Is Wearing, here’s an update. They have auctioned off Caesar’s triumphator costume from the HBO series Rome! I can only hope that the auction winner was a museum of television history or fashion that will make the costume available for study. But it was probably some bloke with a few extra K lying around who fancies getting dressed up like Caesar. Actually, that is not such a bad idea, when I consider how sexy this costume is.

111634__rome_l The cinnabar face schmear, not so sexy!

In case you’re wondering, the item sold for $4345 after 23 bids. Fortunately for us impecunious Rome fans, there is a visual record of the costume to examine in loving detail.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 9.30.38 AM Here is the ensemble as a whole. Click to enlarge. Costume photos are from the Ebay auction entry.

The company that sold the costume ironically declared it “Fit For A…

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