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Guylty Pleasure

Fandom, Friendship and Literacy: Which one is the odd one out?

I have come to learn very quickly that fandom and friendship go together. Friendships have blossomed almost from the moment I started blogging on tumblr on April 26th, 2012. My two-year anniversary is coming up soon, and psssst, but with so many RAPSs languishing on my shelves I think I will have to organise a massive giveaway, again. Mark your calendar 😀 (Guylty on WordPress followed half a year later.) I’ll spare you my usual goody-goody extolling of how special we – and our fandom – all are. Suffice to say I am still meeting new people, particularly behind the scenes, and now that I am shrining my way through the cinematographic Armitage output.

photo (2)One such friendship has developed with the elusive, mysterious M___ who sent me lots of goodies for the shrines. Last week she did it…

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