S.O.S. : My WP reader is driving me insane!

Help!  Several times over the past few weeks a number of blogs I’ve been following, and have had no intention to or recollection of “unfollowing” have disappeared from my follow list.   I don’t have email notifications turned on because my leg was starting to go numb from my phone buzzing in my pocket, so I just take a look at my WP reader a few times a day to see new posts.  Occasionally I’ve noticed a reblog of a blog I thought I was following, only to find I’m not following…it’s maddening!

1.  Has anyone else noticed this issue, or is there some kind of pixie messing with me (I understand that pixies often take the form of 8-1/2 year old girls who constantly pilfer my iPad, so there may be something there….)

2.  If you see me appear and disappear and appear again in your followers, I’m not *trying* to be a tool…it just comes naturally.   😉

Input appreciated…

12 comments on “S.O.S. : My WP reader is driving me insane!

  1. Arg, how maddening! I haven’t noticed anything myself; but then, I never check my reader. If it’s not coming to my email, I’d be none the wiser.

    • obscura says:

      That’s the thing…if I turn on the email notification, I might notice the absences faster, but I still don’t know why it’s keeps happening. Ergh! This is the kind of glitchy tech think that can drive me batty.

  2. guylty says:

    No, not really – but I have noticed a long delay between a notification about new posts arriving in my e-mail and the new post announced in the reader. Sometimes it only seems to appear once I have actually surfed to the blog independently. Hm.

  3. Perry says:

    It happened to me once or twice a while ago. Now though, I notice the same one or two people might be having the problem, because I get repeated notifications every couple of weeks that ” so and so” is now following your blog,” when “so and so” has been a long term follower. Armitage Agonistes posts every day,sometimes a few times a day. So, if you don’t hear from me, something is wrong. Catch up! There have been some fun posts.

    • obscura says:

      Yours was the first I noticed was missing because it seemed so strange that there were no posts!

      • Perry says:

        I never know whether to contact you or not, because I notice your absence as well. Sometimes my notifications indicate that you are catching up and commenting across WP – and I don’t hear from you, but it’s sort of awkward to say anything.

  4. Is there a way to see a list of the blogs you follow? I seem to have less in my reader but I’m unsure if it’s that people aren’t posting or if I am missing them for some reason. It’s probably obvious but I can’t seem to find any list.

  5. katie70 says:

    I tend to read what comes in my email inbox. There have a few times where there was no new post from a blog that post most days only to find out that I was no longer getting their blog. Madding, yes and who knows why. Just like when I type a comment only to have it gone and have to retype it over

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