There is no possible way I could resist this…

I am quickly becoming addicted to Buzzfeed quizzes…I actually thought twice before *not* completing the “What kind of cookie are you?” one.

Today, this one popped up…I wonder which god would be most like Richard Armitage?

Click here to take the quiz

Click here to take the quiz

Report back with your results if you like…anyone care to guess which god I am?  I’ll give you a hint:


13 comments on “There is no possible way I could resist this…

  1. Servetus says:


    Given what I’ve read recently about these buzzfeed quizzes, I feel it is our moral obligation to answer them as if we are someone else ot see what happens. Apparently the point is gathering random data about your consumer preferences …

  2. Guess what? I got the exact same result. *shrugs* I’m good with that. 🙂

  3. guylty says:

    I am mighty Aphrodite. “Goddess of love, desire and beauty: you’re devoted to the ones and things you love. You are known for your good-looks and take pride in your appearance. You are HOT!” Yeah, right. Especially the last three characteristics. Muhahahaha. These quizzes are crap!

    • obscura says:

      The “science” of them does leave a bit to be desired. One if them told me I belonged in Wyoming of all the US states. (that’s one of the square ones on the left) I have been there…NO WAY I could live there.

  4. Leigh says:

    There’s no science to the quizzes at all. Most are just plain stupid, but occasionally fun. As to data collection re. my consumer preferences, HAH! They would quickly discover, if these were accurate at all, that I am resistant, even allergic, to most advertising.

  5. phylly3 says:

    I am Poseiden – go figure!

  6. […] want to finish off this post with something fun. This WordPress blogger found something pretty exciting… if you ask me that is. It’s a “Which Greek God Are You” Quiz! I could not […]

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