SpReAd the Love Book Challenge: Recommended by Alice and Guylty

Gulty weighs in with a children’s favorite on a “classic” subject!

Guylty Pleasure


When I first heard about the Spread the Love challenge, I thought it was not for me. A beloved children’s book to review and then to gift to a library or an individual child – great idea! But all the children’s books that I loved myself and/or read to my own sprogs were in German. (I was quite strict with that because bilingualism is fragile when you are the only person who speaks the so-called minority language, surrounded by another, much stronger majority language that dominates the children’s language acquisition.) But I wanted to get behind Obscura’s and Jazzbaby’s laudable drive for spreading the love and doing good. What to do? Lie? But then the perfect book dropped into my lap mind. A book much beloved by me, my kids, and Alice.

Alice? Who the f*ck is Alice? Well, peeps, you all have heard of this book before! That…

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