Spread the Love Children’s Book Challenge – From the Earth to the Moon

Thanks to Micra for her recalling her favorite childhood book!

Armitage Agonistes


Guest blogger Micra reminds us of one of the favorite books of her youth, From Earth to the Moon. Micra and her neighbor have started a community book swap, and she intends to donate a copy of this book to the swap in the hope that a neighborhood child will enjoy this book.

I have a sister ten years older than I who has always been an avid reader so I was lucky enough to get raised in a house full of books. I started reading “adult” book pretty early in my life and I don’t have many memories about children books. Of course, I read Little Women, Little Dorrit, Eight Cousins… all my sister’s children’s books. But I also read some that were especially bought for me. One of the books that influenced me the most wasFrom the Earth to the Moonby Jules…

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