Spread the Love: The Children’s Book Challenge – The Light in the Forest

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Armitage Agonistes


I could only think of one childhood book that I remembered and while I recall it fondly, almost sentimentally, there isn’t much to write about it and, as it is a collector’s edition now, donation is impractical. The book, passed on by my cousin, was Kiki Dances by Charlotte Steiner.kikidances$_35

Instead, for the Spread the Love Children’s Book Challenge sponsored by Jazzie and Obscura, I’ve chosen to write about an historical novel I taught to seventh graders (ages 11-12), The Light in the Forest, by Conrad Richter (1953).

The Light in the Forest takes place in 18th century Ohio and Pennsylvania, and is based on a 1764 event in history when an American colonel ( also a character in the book, Colonel Bouquet) marched into Ohio with 1,500 soldiers and ordered that the Indians return the white prisoners they had captured.

True Son, (John Butler) a 15 year old boy…

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