Spread the Love Children’s Book Challenge: Madeline’s Rescue

Love Madeline!! Thanks to KatherineD for writing and Perry for hosting

Armitage Agonistes


In furtherance of Jazzie and Obscura’s Spread the Love Children’s Book Challenge, Guest blogger KatharineD writes about everyone’s favorite, Madeline, in Madeline’s Rescue.

As a child I was surrounded by books; both my parents were librarians, so there was a constant stream of new books entering the house. We didn’t have TV, because my parents considered it to be non-educational, so books were everything to us- to be read, to have read to you. We were also taken to our local public library regularly on Friday evenings so we could choose for ourselves, quite apart from what Dad brought home for us to read. There are any number of children’s books that have made a lasting impression on me, but I’ve chosen one from my young childhood, Madeline’s Rescue, first published in 1953.
The author, Ludwig Bemelmans wrote a series of Madeline books, so if you fell in…

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