inter alia: The crafty family of a Richard Armitage fan

Today was the start of the spring semester.  Thank the gods!  As much as I enjoyed having an extended break, I was definitely ready to get back to work.   Don’t get me wrong, I love my family dearly, but there is only so much intensive family time I can take – especially if it is too cold for anyone to go outside.

A perennial debate in my household came up again while I was off:  “Can we get a dog?”  My answer has remained the same for five years…“Not another living thing that relies on me to continue living is coming into this house.”  The typical response…“Pleeeeeeeze…we’ll take care of it!  We promise!”   And yet, I am strangely unmoved by this.  Last week, I was watching The Middle, a sitcom chronicling the life of a “regular” family in the Midwestern US.

Not quite, but close!

Not quite, but close!

Squabbling kids, parenting challenges, stretching a paycheck…a lot of it feels really familiar.  I die laughing when they get out the duct tape to run the dishwasher or pile up towels around the washing machine – for years, I piled up towels around the dishwasher rather than call a repairman to fix the leak.  (It seems to have stopped leaking of late – it’s either a miracle, or an epic dishwasher geyser is just around the corner!)

This season, Frankie (Patricia Heaton), the mother character on The Middle, found and then adopted a stray dog who growled at everyone in the house but her, dubbing him Colin Firth.  This absolutely cracks my husband up, and during last week’s episode he says, “Can we get a dog if we name it Richard Armitage?”  Well played Obscurus, well played!


It was a valiant effort, but we’re still not getting a dog 😀

26 comments on “inter alia: The crafty family of a Richard Armitage fan

  1. Servetus says:

    LMAO! I have to point out that BadassbkSara did that at her dog rescue and the dog was very quickly adopted. Hope you had a good day.

  2. Servetus says:

    When I saw “crafty,” I thought this was going to be about how your family was making little Richard Armitage crafts and projects 🙂

    • obscura says:

      Hmmm, good point. Since we have already made Richard Armitage t-shirts (which Mini-Me has now grown out of) I will have to call that post “The Craft-ing Family…”

  3. Teuchter says:

    They sure know how to press your buttons! 🙂 If we didn’t already have a dog I’d be tempted by *that* suggestion. I say “tempted” but not convinced. It wouldn’t be the same dishing out commands like “heel”, “sit”, “come here” and “good boy!!” accompanied by *lots* of petting, if it wasn’t the real deal! 😉

    • obscura says:

      They are definitely honing their button pushing skills lately! Not quite the same…now what breed…something long and lean I suppose. I rather like wolfhounds 🙂

  4. katie70 says:

    Son3 wanted a cat in 2008 and well one showed up on a cold rainy and snowy April day. He already had a cat family in mind, mother cat and three kittens. Well mom cat was with kittens and we didn’t know till she got bigger and bigger. He wanted the mom and kittens like in Beatrix Potters books, but Lucky as he named her had seven kittens, Mittens, Miss Moppet, Tom Kitten ( later Tom Cat and he passed away on 14, November, 2013) Bruiser, Abby, Egg Nog and Black Jack. All the kittens but Tom and Black Jack found new homes. Now we only have Black Jack left, but miss Tom.

    Your family may get there wish, it’s funny how that works.

    • obscura says:

      I already caved on the cat front – we have a brother and sister pair. Guess who tends them? I’m thinking they can have their wish after I get my own apartment 🙂

  5. Joanna says:

    Ha! Nice try! 😀 but you defend yourself against their clever machinations.

  6. guylty says:

    LOL – I think I’d be off to the dog shelter to choose a pup the second they suggest we call it Richard Armitage. Just imagine – cuddling with Richard. Going for a walk with Richard. Stroking Richard. Putting a lead on Richard… ahem. This is getting out of hand.
    I’d loooooove to have a dog. They are giving and lovely. Instead I have two cats who only see me as their tin-opener. Hmph. I am fully behind Richard in the assessment of cats and dogs.
    Anyhow, here’s to the return to the regular routine 🙂

    • Scratching Richard’s belly while he’s stretched out on your couch…*ahem* I just got my power back on from the storm….

    • obscura says:

      I’d never say I wasn’t tempted for a nano second…I like dogs…we’ve always had dogs…a corgi-miniature collie mix when I was young, a Shiztu named Harley Davidson, a shy Sheltie, an allergy ridden Alaskan Eskimo named Zeus that my sister rescued from the pet store where they were going to put him down because he wasn’t perfect, and most recently, a giant yellow lab named Chloe (she died last winter at the ripe old age of 15). They’ve always lived at my parent’s house, but they’ve been the family dogs, which is probably why my kids are really pushing – they miss Chloe. My dad has laid down the law that there will be no more dogs (I think he’s bluffing – should I test it out with a puppy drop?) It’s perfect at my parent’s place, they live out of town on an large property where the dogs had plenty of room to run (among other things) We live in town, and I simply don’t see anyone in my family prioritizing walking the dog to avoid the obvious fallout.

      Maybe we’ll get a dog for me to ramble around with when my nest is empty, but that is a ways off 🙂

  7. LOL! Hold fast to your doggie principles, Obscura. My hubby joked a while back that if we got a third dog, the second dog (Heidi) would mellow out–as the first dog (Max) did when the second dog arrived. I told him that he is proposing a puppy Ponzi scheme. Besides, two dogs and one husband is enough. Ha!

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