SpReAd the Love Update

One of the things I noticed shortly after delurking was that the fans of  Richard Armitage are a caring and generous bunch.  I’ve seen this manifested numerous times over the past eighteen months – fans joining together to celebrate each other’s successes and mourn each other’s losses as a community.  This past week marked another one of these occasions.  Since debuting the 2014 SpReAd the Love Collaboration last week, we have received an outpouring of support from the community and have already tallied over 20 acts of kindness!

Logo designed by Gisborne's Boy

Logo designed by Gisborne’s Boy

You can find info on how to participate here  and Jazzy has a brand new STL page on her blog with a great synopsis of the origins of the idea.  We’re off to a fantastic start!

psst…anyone tuning in from Tumblr…would you consider giving this a reblog so we can get the SpReAd the Love word out there too?  (feel free to report acts of kindness to the Ancient Armitage tumblr.)

13 comments on “SpReAd the Love Update

  1. AgzyM says:

    tumblred it and will also spReAd the word on twitter 🙂
    JustGiving has snagged 10% of the pledged sum, but surely we can do better and get the whole 200GBP?

  2. guylty says:

    Bad Guylty has not reacted to this commendable initiative at all yet. Very bad indeed. It’s a great idea, and I can feel in me that it actually might motivate me to do some sorting and decluttering (much needed!!!) and then pass them on to some charity shops. There is a tiny reluctance in me to own up that it needs my dedication to a certain actor and his fandom to make me do something good – embarrassment? Shouldn’t I be able to self-motivate myself on such an issue??? Silly over-analysing of it. Will reblog this asap – should have done that long ago. Thanks for teaming up with Jazzy for this. That is fandom love doing something REAL. I hope to report back, soon! xx

  3. Reblogged on Tumblr. I think this is a very impressive part of the RA fandom and I admire you and Jazzy for initiating it.

  4. Rosiepig says:

    I think this is brilliant and one of the reasons I started giving blood. My next one is not until March but I have now donated 4 times. The children and I wanted to do something and we are going to donate and sell some of their toys that they no longer play with. The ones we sell we are going to donate a percentage to Childline as this is also my daughter’s favourite charity.

    I have known one other group who is as dedicated and generous as the RA community and that was a group of mums I found on a uk parenting site (not mumsnet!) which would often help others in time of need.

    • obscura says:

      Thanks so much Rosiepig! Jazzy and I have been planning so fun challenges to make us all think outside the box on all the ways we can SpReAd the Love! I’ve logged your toy donation.

  5. […] We are still very much spReAding the love! […]

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