I don’t wanna – do you Richard Armitage?

Yesterday I found myself wondering if Richard Armitage, industrious fellow that he is, ever finds things to do in order to avoid doing the one thing he really should be doing.  This was me the past few days.  The fall semester is over – all except the grading.  I graded two of my five classes on Tuesday (mild applause is fine 😉 ) and should have started the rest on Wednesday when I found that I had the house to myself.

I have the house to myself?!  Surely there is something better than grading to be done?  I thought to myself.  In truth, I will always look for something else to do when it comes to certain tasks…grading is one of them.  I would rather do just about anything rather than grade – ironic in that I keep assigning work that requires me to grade it!  Wednesday I decided to go through the boxes from the  bakers rack in my dining room that has been replaced an Art Deco buffet I found at a thrift store (lovingly refinished by Obscurus for my birthday)

My $40 investment...

My $40 investment..

While I was going through boxes, sorting, reorganizing, recycling and chucking, I was listening to music from a funk band I followed religiously from bar gig to bar gig (not an easy feat when one is dating a member of a different band!) when I was in college.   A college friend and I discovered that the band has posted a couple of their albums (they were never released on CD as far as I know) on soundcloud.com.  That music is an instant reminder of a time when life was a lot less complicated and unadulterated fun was pretty easy to come by.

Having found a task to divert me from actual work, and music to accompany it, I finished sorting the box of miscellaneous office supplies and dug into a box of books.  Among the textbooks, biographies and Little Golden Books I found, a photo album with pix documenting my first seasons of excavation.  In them I found a few pictures of a somewhat younger, tanner and blonder me in media res. Aha, proof positive that I am in fact an archaeologist!  (If you, by some wild coincidence, happen to recognize this site, and know who the RL me is, please do email me off blog so we can catch up without “blowing my cover”)

Position assumed...some dental pick type work...(note the extremely scientific dustpan to the right of my head)

Position assumed…some dental pick type work…(note the extremely scientific dustpan to the right of my head)

For every hour spent digging, two are spent drawing and recording...(also a very technically advance plastic kitchen colander)

For every hour spent digging, two are spent drawing and recording…(also a very technically advance plastic kitchen colander)

Ah, right...not me, but my very distracting trench mate.  Dig romance - I cried the whole way home from Heathrow to O'Hare!

Ah, right…not me, but my very distracting trench mate. Dig romance – I cried the whole way home from Heathrow to O’Hare!  Parting is such sweet sorrow….

Sometimes the only way to get the job done is to get down in that hole...by the end of the season, that home was so deep that no one could see me!  (Yes, that is a red beach sand bucket)

Sometimes the only way to get the job done is to get down in that hole…by the end of the season, that hole was so deep that no one could see me! (Yes, that is a red beach sand bucket)

It always surprises me how such a little thing, like finding some old pictures can have such a profound effect.  I really loved how, in his very welcome holiday letter to fans, Richard Armitage points out a similar idea – wishing those struggling simply, “a sense of peace for the day”.

 Source:  Guylty

Source: Guylty

Despite having developed a cold (I’m pretty sure the pharmacy clerk thinks I’m starting a meth lab) and still having a pile of grading to do (powers that be have extended deadline to Monday), I’m feeling pretty upbeat when I was in a bit of a funk.  So thanks Richard Armitage, for helping me “waste” some time that really needed to be wasted…and good luck with that gravy – it’s a personal nemesis of mine!

17 comments on “I don’t wanna – do you Richard Armitage?

  1. Servetus says:

    best wishes for the end of grading!

    • obscura says:

      I’ll take them where I find them! I’m not sure the extra time was a boon for me (a typically weird admin decision took the computer network down for upgrades during the grading period ). OTOH, probably best to grade when I’m not in danger of drowning inside my head!

  2. Perry says:

    I know that buffet! I had one like it ( flea market purchase) that complimented my 30’s waterfall table. It graced two apartments for a number of years.It doubled as a bar for entertaining. Oh Obscura, I envy you your time excavating. I know from a friend who goes to Israel once a year to work on digs that it can be very hot, tiring and tedious – but then there are those oh so rewarding moments. Looking at old pics sounds like a good procrastination activity – and in this case, it produced some output.

    • obscura says:

      I LOVE it! I’ve been searching for just the right piece at the right price to fit in our 1921 craftsman bungalow. My husband clearly watches too much Antiques Roadshow since he gave me the raised eyebrow at the “whopping” $40 price tag. It cleaned up beautifully with a little TLC.

      This was a great site to dig…it did get hot during the day, but it was a a high enough elevation that the nights were cool with no mosquitos. It is really hard to describe the rush of pulling an artifact from the ground only to realize that yours are the first fingers to touch it in over two thousand years.

      • Perry says:

        $40 – I’m really impressed. That was a good dig, too. Great price, and it looks great from the photo. If the drawers stick, try some beeswax. And I love craftman’s style. I think another blogger lives in one.
        My friend who did the dig in Israel said exactly the same thing. She located part of pot – not a shard though. She was ecstatic. She was there partly because of her knowledge of using satellite imaging for archaeological purposes.

        • obscura says:

          It was pretty banged up…looked liked someone had placed a heavy, picture tube TV on the top that made it sag in the middle and kept the top drawer from closing. Obscurus worked some magic on it and the the top drawer only sticks a little..I will try some bees wax if it gives me any trouble. I love the Craftsman style too. It’s a b#%^ch to heat with all the windows but the natural light is great.

          Yeah, I remember lovingly cradling some almost whole pots that came from this site :). Remote sensing is the wave of the future…much more accurate and less expensive than the old hunt and peck for sites method.

  3. Marie Astra says:

    Love this! I love how you have pictures that don’t show your face. LOL! 😀 I’m with you on the procrastinating. My best procrastinating gets done at home. Yay for Mr. A. and his gravy! It’s given lots of us a lovely fantasy to enjoy. Hope the rest of your grading isn’t too painful.

    • obscura says:

      Head down, busy at work – worked out very nicely for my purposes here. 🙂 There are pix of my face in that album, but strangely, in most of them I also have a drink in my hand!

      I can always find a million things to do beside what I’m supposed to be doing! There’s a certain amount of comic relief in the grading if I can manage not to take the gaffes personally.

      Hmmm, gravy fantasy – I wonder if there’s an apron involved? 😉

  4. guylty says:

    Obscura – so cool to see those pics of you!!! Love the deep tan and the blond hair. Oh, and love love love archeology. How I envy you!!! I should’ve followed my dream and study that, way back when. Anyway – I am just going to dig out the prayer wheel now and reiterate that photography is just the coolest thing! Taking you back to that time and place, triggering those memories, making you feel that time again. Wonderful.
    All the best for the rest of the grading. And lots of holiday fun!

    • obscura says:

      Archaeology is a great way to travel to exotic locations, meet interesting people and contribute to knowledge…in ones twenties. The thought of climbing in and out of that hole today is frightening – although, I would risk it to see what is below the surface where we left off digging many, many moons ago. (Hair and tan all courtesy of the Mediterranean sun BTW)

      I totally know what you mean…I look at these photos and I can hear the traveling salesmen driving through the village calling their wares on a louder speaker, and I can smell the little bakery up the street that had the best tiropita, killer ice cream and ice cold soda and frappe. I can also feel the sting if the little pickers (some kind of thistle) that littered those limestone foundation blocks and always seemed to find their way into my bare feet

  5. linnetmoss says:

    Mmm. Nice trenchmate.

  6. katie70 says:

    I don’t wanna has been my theme for December. Must get out of it and get back to business. I hve gotten all I have needed done, but making myself the whole way. I could waste away my day to music anytime and enjoy it when the house is empty.

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