And this is why I love this fandom…

Yes, we may disagree from time to time, but like Guylty, I have found this fandom to be a place with a huge capacity for kindness and cameraderie!

Guylty Pleasure

Thorin stampsTuesdays *ooof*days are my favourite days, anyway, but never more so than today. I have just received a letter from overseas, and I nearly died an instant death by smoulder when I picked up my mail in the hall. Thorin on the envelope – I had trouble getting my breathing under control again. Seriously, NZ post – you’ll have some litigation on your hands, as soon as thousands of *unsuspecting* females may come across these stamps and the outbreak of the Ladykiller bug will be spread all over the globe!!!

But jokes aside, it comes as a timely reminder for me that this fandom has exquisite, generous and wonderful people participating. Because the envelope didn’t just send itself alone. It came from fellow RA fan M___ who reacted to my public plea for an NZ resident to pleasepleaseplease send me a postcard with the Thorin stamp on it. M___ and…

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2 comments on “And this is why I love this fandom…

  1. guylty says:

    Thanks for signal boosting a bit of fandom love 🙂

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