No shave November Richard Armitage?

Couldn’t help but notice the stubble was a little heavier than usual at Monday evening’s Hobbit Fan event…

Why not?  It is “No Shave November” after all.  🙂

no shave

I’m game…anyone with me?

9 comments on “No shave November Richard Armitage?

  1. guylty says:

    Hehe, yes, maybe he is taking part in Movember, as it is called in the British Isles. Suits him, although it is becoming a little bit too heavy for my liking…

  2. Perry says:

    Kidding right? I thought, with Election Day and all, it was “Close shave November.”

  3. I was just thinking I wonder if he’s involved with St. Balrick’s Foundation for children cancer.

  4. Servetus says:

    So many reasons not to shave in November. Like getting ready for deer camp! 🙂

    Seriously, though, it would be nice if he were doing that. I suspect, frankly, that it’s just preference / laziness …

  5. Teuchter says:

    I rather like the heavier stubble. Unlike a full beard (which I also love btw) it doesn’t hide that beautiful jaw line! 😉

  6. mujertropical says:

    I volunteer to shave the heavy stubble off when it becomes necessary. You know, altruistic motives and all, following Richard’s example of helping others in need. After all, I’m all heart. *cough* 😉

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