Look what you’ve reduced me to Richard Armitage!

I used to have some semblance of control over my time…not anymore!  Here’s a little preview of how I expect my day will go tomorrow:

Me (grumbling and mumbling after not enough sleep):  *bleeping* Richard Armitage and those *bleeping* new pictures…I was just getting back some momentum after those BAFTA Tea Party shots…how am I supposed to get anything done when.,..
talkin to me
Me:  Yes I’m talking to you Mr. Super Sexy Look Like You Just Rolled Out of Bed Rumpled Bedhead Scrumptious Stubble!
Me:  It’s not bad enough you kept me up way too late last night?  I have a ton of work to do today, so stop it!
make me
Me:  That is it!  I WILL do a whole pile of lecture preps and grade all of these exams today…
no you wont
ME:  I’ve had it with you and your gorgeousness!  I’m closing this browser NOW!
youll be back
I hate to let him have the last word, but when he’s right, he’s right!  🙂  (photos are from http://www.clickonline.com – clumsy edits are all mine).  See you on the flip side!
**UPDATE**  He was right – I was back.  (I lost count of how many times….)