ὅ παῖς καλός: Richard Armitage at rest

Kicking back... Source:  Microlina

Kicking back…
Source: Microlina

When I first saw this image yesterday I was struck silent (if you know me at all, you know that is saying A LOT!), and evidently, I wasn’t the only one.  What’s not to love? About thirty seconds later I was slightly uncomfortable.  I’ve been out of the Tumblr and blog loop since late last week, so I wasn’t aware of the source of the image.  At first glance, it looked to me as if Richard Armitage was unaware that he was being photographed.   We all have our own ideas and limits on our fangirling.  I’ve generally decided that I will not recirculate any image that appears to have been taken unbeknownst to the subject, especially in a personal setting.  (This is only my personal position, and I make no judgement on anyone who chooses to do otherwise)  Given that this image seems to have been taken in some sort of production “green room” and it appears on the DVD extras, it’s highly unlikely that Richard Armitage was completely unaware of the photographer.

Now that I know that this is a screencap from EE (excellent catch Microlina!!), not a photo snapped by the cellphone of a now unemployed member of The Hobbit catering staff,  I much relieved.  This is a rare glimpse of Richard Armitage at rest.  Not posed, not staged, just relaxed.  I don’t know that I’ve seen another image where he looks quite so laid back as he is here, schlumped on a sofa, not quite idle as he scrolls on a tablet with pages beneath.  The open, un-tucked shirt, the Belstaff jacket, the combat boots…don’t even get me started on how his hair looks damp in the front!  (just come from make-up/prosthetic removal?)  All in all,  it’s a potently artless display of relaxed male.  Here’s where it gets a bit weird…

I saw that image of Richard Armitage, which tripped all of those triggers,  and I immediately thought of a sculpture that I saw when I was in at the Met in New York in March.

Sleeping Eros Source:  Metropolitan Museum of Art

Sleeping Eros
Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art

This is a Hellenistic representation of Eros, the Greek god of love, laid out, sound asleep and totally relaxed.  Now, before you go there, allow me to explain that the image of Eros as a chubby winged baby belies the potently sexual nature of this divinity to the Greeks.   In some ways, this image of Eros is so innocent that it is dangerous.  That is, people see Aphrodite, in all her voluptuous splendor and run for the hills to escape the power of her sexual spell.  Baby Eros?  Not so much.  He can kind of sneak up on you and hit you with a shot of lust right to the…  – er – … you know what I mean. No so different from the image above…just a guy kicked back relaxing on a couch at the end of a long day…but then….BAM!

ὅ παῖς καλός

21 comments on “ὅ παῖς καλός: Richard Armitage at rest

  1. Marie Astra says:

    Bam, indeed! It’s the largeness of him that gets me – shoulders, arms, chest, thighs, feet. Primal. Just makes me want to jump right on him. Although, recently read an article that said that men with deep voices appeal to women because they feel the “largeness” of them in the voice. Which is why men apparently prefer women with high voices because it suggests the “smallness” of them. That wouldn’t be me. Deeper voice, larger woman’s body. Oh well. Still LOVE this pic!!

    • obscura says:

      🙂 I have long lamented why tall men so often gravitate toward petite – I have a pet genetic theory that it keeps the tall genes from doubling up and creating a super tall sub species – Yeah, I’ll definitely keep my day job! There is a whole lot of interesting speculation in the “science” of attraction. After I finish reading Stiff (which is very interesting – review coming eventually 🙂 ) I’m reading another book by the same author…Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex.

  2. guylty says:

    😀 You have just stolen my topic for tomorrow’s *ooof*, Obscura dear :-D. No, I wasn’t going to discuss this image (it’s not a photo, anyway, so I can’T), but the issue of privacy is one that I have been mulling over. Well, maybe I can still discuss that in my post…
    I can see where you were coming from with the Eros analogy. Both the relaxed posture of the two subject, as well as the unexpected onslaught that these two are capable of. However, I think there may be a rather important distinction between the two: Eros is fully aware of his mission. Whereas Armitage??? I don’t know, really. I like to joke and imply that he does, but really, I don’t think so…

    • obscura says:

      Oh dear..collective fangirl consciousness strikes again!
      Good point about intent…but from the perspective of the receiver I wonder if intent matters much in terms of impact?

      • guylty says:

        Well, yes – I definitely *want* to be wanted, not just “ah, she happened to be the nearest female form there was” 😀

        • obscura says:

          Oh, definitely in a real life scenario…in the immortal words of Cheap Trick, “I waaant you to waaant me. I neeed you to neeed me.” In the drooling from afar version, I happy enough to have him be unaware of the effect he has 🙂

          • guylty says:

            I wasn’t necessarily referring to Mr A here – I even mean that in terms of Eros. I’d like to know there was intent, not coincidence, in Eros’s intervention. (In RL I’d prefer this complication not to arise.)

          • obscura says:

            Sorry…went down a different road. You mean that person stricken with lust by Eros be already predisposed in that direction? (sorry – mushy brain resulting from too many s’mores this weekend) With Eros, the human’s intent is usually immaterial. That is, Eros tends not to care what the humans want. I find the Greek gods to be rather capricious that way and prefer to stay well out of their way!

          • guylty says:

            Dang. So Eros is just fulfilling his own fickle imagination. Hmph. I should have known…

  3. leashales says:

    One of the things that amazes me is how small they make him look in a lot of pictures. Marie, the largeness of him grabs me as well.

    Obscura, you may be on to something – super tall or super short. I’m an example – my ex-husband is 6’1″ and I am 5’1″. There is just something about a big guy that entices.

    • obscura says:

      I think part of what is at play here too is that he was really bulked up for The Hobbit more so than he probably normally…in any case, he’s definitely not a little guy 🙂

      You really shouldn’t encourage me…I might start talking about where the growth inhibitor gene lies – something I adapted from a documentary I watched on cross breeding big cats (evidently, if you breed male lions with female tigers the product is a liger which is the largest of all the big cats. The thrust of the documentary was that they grow so big because the lion growth inhibitor gene is on the X-chromosome and the tiger on the Y…the resulting offspring doesn’t receive it from either parent – hence ginormo cat.) See, I tried to warn you! 🙂

  4. katie70 says:

    I have to wonder now if short guys tend to go for tall girls. Since son1 is only 5″2 3/4 inches tall makes me wonder. I don’t have to look up at him at 5″1 1/2, and his brothers at 14 and 12 are taller at this point.

    I do like this picture and well there are those boots that I really like too. He looks like the guy next door, now if the guy next door looked like that.

    • obscura says:

      Man, if the guy next door looked like that…

      Short guys? My go to short guy is Tom Cruise. Let’s be generous and give him 5’7″ (most recent wives Katie Holmes at 5’9″ and Nicole Kidman at 5’11”) Not exactly scientific is it 🙂

  5. KatharineD says:

    As I understand it, the production company that made the extras for the Extended Edition followed the cast round pretty much the whole time,to the point where the actors would hardly have been aware of them anymore. So RA would’ve known he could be filmed at any moment, but was probably so familiar with having them around that he felt quite oblivious to the intrusion.

    PJ is highly aware of the need to keep filming secret and not let any photos leak out off set, so not only would anyone who breached that rule be fired, they’d be prosecuted as well for breaking the strict company policy. All photos taken on set, like the ones Samm, the Make A Wish girl had taken, are kept under lock and key until the movies are released.

    It’s a great photo!

    • obscura says:

      I really like it too…once I discovered the sourcing, what you point out about becoming oblivious to the cameras was what I was thinking to. I imagine that fading into the background is a particular skill of documentary style film makers. I’m endlessly fascinated by all of the layers of production. I always knew they were there, just never really cared to investigate much before now.

      Thanks for the info about the photo policy on set, of course, where there’s a payday, there is always the possibility of the opportunist who’s willing to gamble I suppose, but in a smaller pond like NZ, it is probably not nearly as likely.

      • Servetus says:

        I think it’s really wise to be as scrupulous as one is comfortable with about reposting pictures and especially ones that have the appearance of candids. Posting a picture you regret posting and helping perpetuate its existence is something I, at least, could really feel bad about. Legally, posting material one does not own — and we’re all doing that now — is always a risk and one should be aware of the consequences. Always better to wait and think.

        • obscura says:

          Yeah, it’s already a slippery slope as far as copyright goes, and I am personally really very leery of encroaching on the private sphere. Photographed in the context of profession is one thing – shot unawares and out of context is entirely another for me.

  6. Perry says:

    I’ve seen wildlife documentaries where the filmmaker put cameras in rocks,)rock cam) or false turds, (turd cam) in one case so the shy animals were even less aware of the camera and there were great close-ups. Most of the cast of TH were pretty open. But they probably needed a Richard cam.

  7. […] Eros + Armitage, or why Obscura’s going crazy over the same screencap that sent my sofa fantasy into overdrive. […]

  8. Peggy Kincaid says:

    I don’t think he worries about it much at all, being photographed that is. You do see his size here more but agreed he had to bulk up more for this role and that shows. When we see him now in the photoshoots he is completely different. Still tall of course and looking so much slimmer though still with those skier thighs and strong arms. He looks a bit like a lumberjack in this photo. Since we never see him with whoever takes his fancy we don’t know if he prefers tall or short but it is true often taller men do seem to gravitate to petite and the shorter male likes the taller woman.

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