Look what you’ve reduced me to Richard Armitage!

I used to have some semblance of control over my time…not anymore!  Here’s a little preview of how I expect my day will go tomorrow:

Me (grumbling and mumbling after not enough sleep):  *bleeping* Richard Armitage and those *bleeping* new pictures…I was just getting back some momentum after those BAFTA Tea Party shots…how am I supposed to get anything done when.,..
talkin to me
Me:  Yes I’m talking to you Mr. Super Sexy Look Like You Just Rolled Out of Bed Rumpled Bedhead Scrumptious Stubble!
Me:  It’s not bad enough you kept me up way too late last night?  I have a ton of work to do today, so stop it!
make me
Me:  That is it!  I WILL do a whole pile of lecture preps and grade all of these exams today…
no you wont
ME:  I’ve had it with you and your gorgeousness!  I’m closing this browser NOW!
youll be back
I hate to let him have the last word, but when he’s right, he’s right!  🙂  (photos are from http://www.clickonline.com – clumsy edits are all mine).  See you on the flip side!
**UPDATE**  He was right – I was back.  (I lost count of how many times….)

31 comments on “Look what you’ve reduced me to Richard Armitage!

  1. lamaruca says:

    I just love his disheveled look….he’s clearly a mess, probably hasn’t even showered but he still looks delicious!!!! He is seriously cutting into my beauty sleep!!!!

  2. Ms Mel says:

    Laughing out loud!!!! I don’t think anyone will get any sleep tonight!

  3. Ms Mel says:

    The mama in me says, “Baby, you need to go take a nap!” The woman in me says,” Can I join you?”

  4. asteraurora says:

    That’s some dedication Ms O – just googled US time zones & and am guessing it is after midnight for you? No, don’t answer, go to bed. You might be inspired into creative dreams. Like about a career defining magnum opus. Seriously.

    • obscura says:

      I think I fell “asleep” somewhere around 3am…daughter came in around 3:07…I moved to her bed at 4:35…alarm went off at 6pm – I should record myself today to see how I respond to Armitage induced sleep deprivation 🙂

  5. i.f. says:

    Oh dear! Hard times ahead of us. How will we be able to cope through Nov/Dec when it starts like this? Normally I finish my garden work at the end of Oct / beginning of Nov. Must sort that out the coming weekend. Later I will have no time. Maybe I should do my christmas shopping and homedecoration right next week, so I will have more time to be glued to the laptop? Should I apply for a 10-week-unpaid-holiday as I anyhow will be of no use at my workplace?

  6. Perry says:

    I.F. That’s exactly my thinking – Leave of Absence Due to Serious Illness or Family Emergency.

    • i.f. says:

      Serious illness? That would make it a paid absence from work. Brilliant idea. OTOH I would need a medial certificate that confirms my physical inability to show up at my desk. But my problem is clearly not physical. It’s just plain obsession, that’s all. My boss would not understand, narrowminded ignorant he is.

      • Perry says:

        Mental Illness counts as serious medical condition. Someone in the fandom will write you a doctor’s note.

        • i.f. says:

          *prettypleeeaaase!! Just use lots of latin and make it look extremly important and serious and let me stay away from my job up until Feb14 or so. That would do the trick I guess. In return I can offer my eternal gratefulness. And a drink around my place. But be aware: I have two cats.

  7. i.f. says:

    ahem, really? I thought if I will have recovered my wits until next Feb I will be lucky. Feb14 strikes me more than reasonable considering what I had gone through the last days. Mr. A. has a devastating effect on me.

  8. Servetus says:


    I actually have almost lost my voice and might have called in sick today if not for this new trailer — so in a way he is doing his bit for my university’s productivity. I don’t think anyone I know is working very hard today, though, things being what they are.

    • obscura says:

      I do my best work when I’m punchy 🙂

      Yeah, I was seriously tempted to call in “can’t be bothered” but once I was up to take kids to school, it seemed like more work to arrange alternate exercises for 3 classes to do, so here I am – my dedication and enthusiasm is almost overwhelming isn’t it? Ironic given that it comes at the point in the semester that I’m covering my favorite material…*sigh*

  9. katie70 says:

    Good to hear that I am in the same boat as others in the lack of sleep department. The hours I stay up when I should be sleeping. Every morning I tell myself to get to bed at a time that will give me enough sleep, and every night I don’t. 5:00 am is so early.

    • obscura says:

      IKR?! 5am falls firmly in the realm of “stupid o’clock” for me!

      • katie70 says:

        I sleep in on the weekends. All this for a night owl, but a job is a job and the day goes by fast. I have been falling to sleep while reading about sleep for my Psychology class the last couple nights, go figure.

  10. Stephanie Carr says:

    This is too hilarious!

  11. I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks Richard has a bit of DeNiro going with the “Meow?” photo.

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